Jackfish Alley Deep Cave Project


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filmed by Valentina Cucchiara




Dive - UK

Octopus - Russia


Wielki Blekit - Poland


A new era has been born in the world of Red Sea Cave Diving.

In 2001, Leigh Cunningham and Thomas Chabanne discovered some deep caves in the Jackfish Alley area of Ras Mohamed. Having completed rigorous cave training in Mexico earlier this year, the dynamic duo returned with a complete team of technical cave divers to continue their exploration. Leigh teamed up with Gennadiy Fursov as the primary exploration team. .

Leigh Cunningham tying the first of many lines

4 days of exploration resulted in a complete grade 3 survey of the shallower system starting in 65 metres, named The Reapers Lair, and a Grade 2 survey of the explored areas of the deeper system, starting at 85 metres, now known as The Devils Eye – which has been dubbed the Wakullah of the Red Sea.

Neil Black beginning the Grade 3 survey

30 minute bottom times were made between 100 – 130 metres, using copious quantities of Open Circuit Trimix supplied by Ocean Tec’s blending station, with in water times ranging from 4 – 5 hours.

Jim and Jimmy taking survey measurements

After laying 120 metres of guide line extending down to a depth of 130 metres, Leigh and Gennadiy’s torch beams disappeared into a seemingly endless void. The pair realised at this stage that the already large scale project had turned into something gargantuan - to be continued………………..

The teams on the deco bar

'The Team' at Ocean Tec

Gena    Leigh    Jim    Thomas    Doozer    Chad   Jimmy    Oxana

Ehab     Neil     Nina     Dave     Jilly     Val

Cave Team:
Leigh Cunningham. TDI Instructor trainer & full cave diver
Gennayi Fursov. TDI Instructor and full cave diver
Doozer Close. TDI Instructor and full cave diver.
Jim Dowling. TDI Instructor and full cave diver.
Dave Summerfield. TDI Instructor and full cave diver.
Jimmy Jewel. TDI Instructor and full cave diver.
Neil Black. IANTD Instructor and full cave diver.

Deep Video:
Valentina Cucchiara. TDI advanced trimix and full cave diver.
Thomas Chabanne. TDI instructor trainer.

Surface Video:

Deep Support:
Jill Healy. TDI Instructor and advanced trimix diver.
Suzy Coombs. TDI Instructor and advanced trimix diver.
Oxana Istratover. TDI Instructor trainer.
Nina Preisner. TDI Instructor and advanced trimix diver.

Shallow & Surface Support:
Kay Stewart. PADI Instructor and TDI extended range diver.
Jo Gardner. PADI Instructor. Also handled surface photography.

Blending Team
Chad 'The Gasman' Clark
Ehab 'Mix Master'