TDI Advanced Nitrox Course

What is it and how to get there.

The first rung on the Technical ladder is, in itself, not a decompression diving course but the vital foundation before going onto decompression diver training.

Pre-requisites for the course are a minimum age of 18. Students need at least 25 logged dives and Basic Nitrox certification.

The course duration is a minimum of 3 days:

Day 1 in the classroom covering the bulk of the theory and configuring equipment.
Day 2 on the boat for the first of 4 dives.
Day 3 back on the boat, for the last 2 dives and exam. Any theory that hasn’t been covered on the first day will be completed on the boat, (day 2 and 3), in between and after dives.

Minimum classroom/theory and briefing of 6 hours. Although not required according to course standards, the full tech rig i.e.: twin set, deco stage tank, wing and harness system, reel, SMB, will be used during adv. Nitrox. This enables the student to get used to the required equipment for the next course, (Decompression Procedures), unless the student does not have a view of going onto this. In such cases, the traditional BCD with a single tank and a pony bottle containing a richer mix may be used. For those with a view to decompression, simulated decompression dives and an introduction to stress management skills, will be the order of the day. 

Upon completion?

Divers can take advantage of the benefits of their training by utilizing, EANx mixtures from 21% through to 100% O2, enabling divers to make the most of a 2 gas NDL, up to 40msw, exploring previously forbidden sites such as Thomas Canyon (Tiran), and many other exceptional sites that, until now, have been out of range.

Divers can enrol in a TDI decompression procedures course, and/or extended range, and now take the big plunge into decompression. 

Note: Adv Nitrox can be taught in a package with Decompression procedures and Extended Range.