TDI Advanced Trimix Course

The deepest and darkest!

The pinnacle of open water diving - not for the faint hearted, Deep, a little bit dark, and potentially quite dangerous. 100 meters final dive at the end of the 5 day course..... Hopefully not your final dive.

Skill development and specific knowledge gained by the already exceptional diver will be put to test during this course.

Pre-requisites for this course are,  Extended Range diver or equivalent, with at least 100 logged dives, 25 of those below 30 meters.

Duration for the course is a minimum of  5 days.

Day 1, another monster skill circuit, either 1 dive, or split over 2 dives, this is basically a re-run of the skill circuit from the ER course, more worst case scenarios in simulated low or no vis. environments.

Day 2, the first deco dive (Air, EANx, accelerated deco), “simulated Trimix dive” to 50 meters. Before adding Helium to the mix, at least 2 simulated Helium based/Trimix dives, will be completed to practice specific techniques related to Trimix diving.

Day 3, the same as day 2 apart from depth - 55 meters.

Day 4,  based on the fact that accurate, sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution has been displayed, it's time for the first Trimix dive to 80-85 meters.

Day 5, the final and deepest, (Trimix), dive of the course - 100 meters - and exam..

The real big difference between the Trimix and ER diving/courses is Depth and the breathing gas. By replacing an amount of Nitrogen and Oxygen in the bottom mix with a third, much lighter inert gas, (Helium), dives can be conducted safely in much deeper water keeping the Nitrogen dose, (partial pressure of Nitrogen which will determine the degree of Narcosis mathematically and practically speaking), at a level the diver is comfortable with, (30-40 meter END, during the course), and the Oxygen dose, and time limit well within NOAA limits. This gives the diver the opportunity to go where few divers have been before - the abyss is your oyster..

The minimum classroom/theory hours 8 

Theory will be conducted on the boat, after dives, (mostly reviews now), at ER level. Divers will have the academic knowledge to safely conduct Mix gas/Trimix dives.

Upon completion: There are few divers who have the opportunity to dive Shark reef mid morning and have the site to them selves, dive the little known wreck of the Lara in Tiran or stand in the bottom of Thomas canyon and admire the view. This is an honour, only to be exploited by mix gas divers.

Note: Adv. Trimix can be taught in a package with Extended Range.