TDI Decompression Procedures

 Onwards and downwards!


Congratulations on surviving the TDI Adv Nitrox course. Now the fun begins. Welcome to the first decompression diving course, no more NDL. “Happy days”!

Pre-requisites for the course are the same as adv Nitrox, regarding the minimum age of 18, 25  logged dives and adv. Nitrox diver, certification.

Course duration is 3 days, and every day is on the boat now:

Day 1 - 2 NDL dives, an extended (simulated) 6 meter stop to cover the bulk of the skills, simulating worst case scenario’s, more emphasis now on stress management than in the adv Nitrox course.

Day 2 the first real decompression dive in the course, or to be technically correct, the first dive where a series of stops on the way to the surface are required, rather than the decompression obligation being a slow non stop ascent. Theory in the afternoon.

Day 3 the final decompression dive for the course, finish off theory and exam.

Minimum classroom/theory, briefing hours 6.

During this course divers will start to see the true potential of a triple tank configuration, and the necessity of their newly gained knowledge. Increasing depth during training to 45msw, (on the last day), and  personal breathing rate combined with cylinder volume and fill pressure becoming the limiting factor regarding the bottom time rather than the NDL.

Upon completion? 

For our regular guests, SS Thistlegorm will ring a bell or 2. What might have seemed as alien as running a 4 minute mile when you were doing your entry level/open water training is a very real option now. A 45 minute bottom time at a max depth of 30msw with 20 minutes of decompression in 6 meters, using a richer EANx mix than the bottom mix, ending the dive having spent a little over an hour in the water, with 45 minutes, of that, spent at 30 meters. “ It’s a whole new world of diving”.

The academic knowledge and the skill development required to conduct this type of dive safely will be mastered during the TDI Decompression diver course.

Divers can enrol in the TDI Extended Range course and/or Entry Level Trimix...

Note: Decompression procedures can be taught in a package with Adv Nitrox, and Extended Range, or entry level Trimix.