Extended Range Course

Deeper and Darker!

The final and deepest Air/Eanx course in the TDI curriculum,, The pre-requisites for this course are Adv. Nitrox and Deco, a minimum age of 18, at least 100 logged dives, with 25 of those bellow 30 meters, plus Adv Nitrox and Deco procedures (or equivalent) certification.

Duration for this course is 4 days, in a package combined with Adv Nitrox and Deco procedures, with 1 dive credited from the deco procedures course, or 5 days, stand alone.

Day 1 : skill circuit. Either 1 long or 2 shorter dives, shallow water, conducting all required skills relating to open ocean Decompression diving, again simulating worst case scenarios. At this level, the pressure the diver subjects him/her self to adds an increased stress load on the diving rig and equipment in general as well as the diver him/her self.

Skills practiced in the Decompression procedures course will be re-practiced and mastered during the Extended Range course, with a few new surprises along the way.

The introduction of the black out mask to simulate a silt/black out during some skills, where a silt/black out may be possible. “Feel, touch, and position”, are senses that will be increasingly developed during the ER course with more emphasis on stress management. All good stuff in the name of good training. 

Minimum classroom/theory briefing hours 8

The next 4 days on the boat will be occupied with 1 decompression dive a day, leaving the afternoon for theory and the exam on the last day.

Depth gradually increasing over the week, starting with a 48 meter dive on day 2, ending with the max depth for the course on day 5 - 55 meters.

Regarding theory we will be delving a little deeper now, into Adv Physiology and Decompression theory/bubble formation reviewing several different Deco software packages and using 1 or more to generate the dive schedule. Deco on all dives will be accelerated, with Eanx 70 through to 100%.

Upon completion?

Divers will have the academic knowledge and a degree of skill development to safely carry out Decompression dives from fixed lines or deployed SMB/Lift bag, using Air or EANx as a bottom gas and EANx and/or Oxygen as deco/stage gas, to a maximum  depth of 55 meters in the Open Ocean/water environment.

As the course states, you now have the capability to Extend your range further. Divers should enrol in the TDI Adv. Trimix Course next.

Note: Extended Range can be taught in a package with Adv. Nitrox and Decompression procedures or Adv. Trimix.