TDI Instructor programmes

from Basic Nitrox to Adv Trimix

We would recommend all instructor candidates complete the full range of TDI open water diver level courses or equivalent, before going onto Instructor levels. During training, Instructors will master the necessary discipline, the high degree of skill development required, and the academic and practical knowledge necessary to track and train groups of students in the “deep, dark, alien, hostile abyss” down to a maximum training depth of 100 meters.

Duration for Instructor level courses from Basic Nitrox through to Extended Range, are the same as the equivalent diver level courses. Based on the discretion of the Instructor trainer, one of two methods would be used to run the instructor programme. The candidates will either become involved in role playing, simulating common problems and worst case scenarios, or they will teach the appropriate diver level course with real students, under supervision of the instructor trainer.

The entry level  and  Adv. Trimix Instructor courses are a two part programme. Candidates must assist on at least two full Trimix courses before certification. 

Upon completion:

Instructors may teach TDI courses, up to their highest Instructor level.

Pre-requisites: The minimum age for all TDI Instructor candidates is 18.

Basic Nitrox:

Minimum certification level, Open water instructor, and basic nitrox diver, and show proof of at least 10 logged nitrox dives.

Adv Nitrox:

Minimum certification level Adv nitrox diver, with at least 100 logged dives, with 25 of those, EANx dives,, and show proof of certifying at least 10 basic nitrox divers..

Decompression Procedures:

Minimum certification level decompression procedures diver or equivalent, and Adv nitrox instructor, with at least 150 logged dives, have certified 10 SDI deep or basic nitrox (or equivalent) or a combination, or TDI Adv nitrox or equivalent.

Extended Range:

Minimum certification Extended range diver or equivalent, with 250 logged dives, with at least 25 extended range dives, and Adv nitrox and/or decompression procedures instructor or equivalent, show proof of 10 Adv nitrox or decompression procedures certifications or a combination of both, or equivalent.

Entry and Adv level Trimix:

Minimum certification level, Trimix diver or equivalent, with 250 logged dives, show proof of 30 Trimix dives, with 10 below 55 meters, and extended range instructor or equivalent, with at least 10 extended range certifications or equivalent.

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